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Mount Desert Island, Maine - A Project of Healthy Acadia

Wintergreen Farm

Wintergreen Farm

Wintergreen Farm

  • 647 Weir Cove Road, Harborside, Maine, United States (US)
  • 207-326-8538

Our Story

Wintergreen Farm on Cape Rosier was started as a homestead in 1970, carved out of woods bought from Helen and Scott Nearing. We named our homestead Wintergreen Farm when we began to sell mail order Christmas wreaths and centerpieces. In the 1990's I began to grow and sell garlic, and continue to sell about 100 pounds of mostly seed garlic every year. Since the beginning, under the influence of our neighbors on either side, the Nearings and Colemans, we have been organic, though never certified. Since 2005, I have farmed on my own and continue to grow a large garden that supplies all my vegetables, raise chickens, turkeys, and rabbits, cultivate raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, and care for an orchard of apples, peaches, plums, and Asian pears. I sell garlic, winter squash, and potatoes, and occasionally other produce.